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Hello All,

I have been a Clarity Touring (New 2018) owner since August and have been following the forum for some time. I had log in problems, which were finally cleared up today, so this is my first post. I have about 6,000 miles on the car and absolutely love it. The interior is elegant and refined. The ride is absolutely outstanding. It is an engineering marvel.

I live in Minnesota, so I have quite a bit of cold weather experience already. The Clarity has been very good on snow. My reported mileage was about 100 prior to the cold weather setting in. It is now 82 and on the way back up. I am retired, so it is not commuting mileage. At least 60 percent is highway mileage. At below zero temperatures, I get around 25-30 miles on EV. In the spring and fall, it is probably around 40. In the summer it is around 50.

Regarding some reported problems or worries reported on the site, I can say that I have had no issues with the front window wiper spray system, the headlights are as bright as we have had on a car, the center console has caused no discomfort to the knees while driving, the car starts with no winter problems, and it easily accelerates on the on ramps. The seats are extremely comfortable. My wife, who has back problems, gave it two thumbs up on the test drive and continues to ride very comfortably in the Clarity. I have no sudden loss of power, except when the lane keeping assist perceives another car being too close. If you are not used to this, it can be a little concerning until you realize why it is happening. LKA is a good safety feature. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve for the car, but once you read a little, everything makes sense.

I have had one continuing issue with the car and that is the front driver speaker area. It vibrates on rough road. I will address this with Honda at the first service check. I'm sure it is easily fixed. If I push on the speaker cover, the sound disappears. I think the speaker is fine. It is probably not set correctly.

I have also had two electronic audio issues, which were solved by reseting the audio system. You push the power button for a few seconds to reset it. Minor.

I also had an "issue" with a transmission warning, which I solved by reading the forum. If any debris gets into the Reverse slide button area so that it doesn't fully engage when being pulled back, there is a very impressive transmission failure warning. We had been eating donuts with the little nut sprinkles and one landed behind the paddle. I removed the nut and all was good. The moral of that story is either don't snack or check the driver console carefully before going in reverse if you do.

Oh, one continuing negative is the embarrassment I feel every time I infrequently go in to pay $6-10 to fill up my car.

I think the only real downside to the Clarity for some drivers may be the engine noise while accelerating between zero and 50 while in HV mode or driving in town in HV mode. The ICE is noisy below 40 mph. To solve the problem, you just use the EV mode while in town or while first accelerating to cruising speed on the highway. Once at highway speeds, switch to HV and the ICE is as quiet or quieter than any other car. In EV mode the car is almost silent except for a bit of a hum around 30 miles per hour. At extremely low temperatures, the Clarity will use its ICE for various purposes, which magnifies the sound even more. It takes about 6 miles of driving at highway speed before the engine will settle down and all becomes quiet again. I seem to have a good understanding of when to move to and from HV for quiet operation, so , other than for a few miles of below zero operation, I just sit back and enjoy the great sound system. The HV and EV mode switch is just a push of the button, so keeping the car quiet is extremely easy.

I continue to be astounded why Honda never really marketed this car. Everyone who rides in the Clarity is just blown away by it. I continue to be as well. I am looking forward to reading more posts!
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Great write up, nice that the Clarity fits your needs so nicely. The speaker rattle is not uncommon, the fix that seems to work is to install some foam strips where the speaker contacts the inside of the pillar, so it does require removing the A-pillar to fix it. A lot of people DIY the fix themselves but it's certainly easier to let the dealer take care of it. Just mention to them that it needs foam, if all they do is reseat it that won't do anything at least not permanently.
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Thanks for the comments on the speaker. I assumed it would be a simple fix and, yes, the dealer can take care of it.
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